Friday, April 28, 2006

Female Pirates, ARRRR!


Ender said...

Hm, not bad. But don't you think female pirates would always have their hair tied back, due to lack of cleaning? Just a thought.

Ayianna said...

If you wanted to go for that level of realism, ender, you wouldn't even imply that female pirates were possible.

In that day and age, having women on the ship was very bad luck. If a woman did happen to be aboard and the crew agreed to it, she would be blamed and in danger at the first sign of trouble.

Furthermore, if she were found stowed away, she would probably be put to death immediately...just after the crewmen raped her. Since they thought women were bad luck on the seas, there weren't any to be found once they left harbor.

Serafina said...

not necessarily, there were some very famous female pirates. such as...
Charlotte Badger, widely considered to be the first Australian female pirate
Anne Bonny, lover of "Calico Jack" Rackham
Ching Shih
Mary Crickett
Charlotte de Berry
Jaquotte Delahaye
Anne Dieu-Le-Veut
Catherine Hagerty
Lady Mary Killigrew
Lai Choi San of Macau, probably the original "dragon lady"
Grace O'Malley, The Sea Queen Of Connemara
Mary Read, a crossdressing female pirate
Sadie the Goat, who headbutted her victims before taking their money
Rachel Wall, considered to be the first American female pirate.

and yes that list is taken directly from wikipedia.