Saturday, September 17, 2011

Comic Con Pics - Star Wars; The Complete Saga on Blu Ray

The 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment booth at Comic Con. This was before we could talk about it and the cause for the brief geek-out moment :-)

The covers behind plexi.

The limited edition print that Fox was giving out

Cheryl Savala, Creative Director of Menagerie Creative, and I mugging for the camera. :-)


BrandoAbba said...

Congrats Cliff!!! Proud to have been your student!! :) I don't have a blu Ray Player but will buy them anyways!

Brianna E. Leahy said...

So this is what you were talking about over summer!!! (I took your illustration C class) This is awesome! I am taking Swearingen's class now and she had a picture of these covers in one of her slideshows! Congrats!