Friday, March 08, 2013

Steampunk: The Beginning book signing

A fun night signing books with many of the contributors With Tim Powers. It was great to get to know Tim a bit better. Great guy and great conversation. Cheryl Savala signing books across from Powers. Cheryl is the wonderful creative director / owner of Menagerie Creative and the person I got to work with on the Star Wars project. I'm really happy she was able to do a piece for the book. Artist Jacob Romeo Lecuyer goofing for the camera while Powers looks serious while signing our book. James Blaylock and Tim Powers talk with gallery directo Mike McGee and artist Jacob Romeo Lecuyer. Book designer Wendy Peng did a fabulous job on the book. I was so glad she made it to the signing. Artist Cuyler Smith checking out his copy. Artist Tobias White (second from left) talking with artist Marvin Chow (far right). Crowd shot Left to right - Artist Cliff Cramp, Artist Marvin Chow, Artist Quentin Bauer, Serena Powers, Tim Powers, Artist Jacob Romeo Lecuyer. Artist Quentin Bauer talks with Blaylock and Powers and with Lynn Maudlin.

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Tobias White said...

It was a fun event and I had a blast talking with Cheryl. We actually got together yesterday for lunch and ended up talking for like 4 hours and we didn't even really notice.