Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hugh Hewitt on Blogging

I’m currently sitting in a faculty symposium listening to Hugh Hewitt lecture on Blogging. These are his twelve important notes on blogging dealing with disasters.

1. Technology for blog site set up is low and accessible (

Who should have a blog? Anyone with credibility in a field.

2. Teach people now through repetition where to go for info.

3. Site operators for a consortium have to be trained in information distribution, to screen and evaluate information to put out (accuracy first).

4. Simulation and drills are important.

5. Decision-makers need to know about the Napoleon sergeant. You have to test the understanding of the information that you have transfered to folks below you. Do they have the ability to convey it back to you accurately?

6. If you run anything, you should have your own website.

7. Voice, video, and picture will rule over text.

8. Interactivity: people come up with questions that need answers (Q&As).

9. Stop panic situations through information VERY QUICKLY.

10. Liability for bad information.

11. Language, language: to inform everyone, then you must communicate in all languages.

12. People will come to you for information if your information is good, and you can generate interest and revenues, as well as help people change their behaviors.


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