Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Give Them Sugar

On Sunday evening my wife was talking with several of the neighborhood moms. Their kids go to the public school in our area. The moms were discussing how wonderful it was that the district was promoting a sugar-free Valentine’s Day. When she told me about the conversation, I laughed. Being in education, I’m amazed at what PC has done to children. I say, give them sugar.

I spent part of yesterday helping out in my son’s class for their Valentine’s party. He goes to a private school. They had a great time passing out candy to each other and having giant, and I mean giant, Ice Cream Sundays. So what if we ran about a bit more when we got home. At least he wasn’t running to the bathroom every few minutes because he got granola bars instead.


Dik Pose said...

You WOULD hate the "PC" world... if it were up to you, everyone would have a Caramel "Apple" instead... ;)

Cliff Cramp said...

A carmel apple and then a 2 mile run. :-0