Saturday, February 11, 2006

Help Me!!

In my last post I revealed that I have become a third-person talker like Jimmy on Seinfeld. Now I'm turning into Clark W. Griswald. I've been working on a lot of free-lance lately. While waiting to hear back from a client on some concepts, I decided to go on Ebay and look for stuff. I found the exact slot car set that I had when I was a kid. I bought it for my boys. Okay, for me too. Have I mentioned that they are into cars. So then I proceeded to design a T-shirt for me and my boys for next weeks Mini Run and for when we race in our own living room with our newly purchased treasure. We'll have to force my wife to wear one. I used to be cool, well maybe on the dorky side of cool. Now I'm an absolute Geek. At least it's not apparent to my boys yet. My wife on the other hand...

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