Friday, February 10, 2006

The Invisible Transformation

It took three short, consecutive sentences to confirm the transformation. I vowed to resist it, but to no avail. I saw it on a Seinfeld episode and commented that people that do that are hilarious, but not in the funny way.

I dropped my son off for school this morning. It was then that the reality set in. He likes for me to wait with him in line before he goes into class. As we waited, I leaned into him and said, Daddy’s cold. Daddy’s going to stand in the sun. Daddy was silly to not wear his jacket.” Then it hit me. I smiled and tried to remember when the transformation had occurred. It must have been gradual because I could not pin-point a particular incident when it began. Today it was confirmed however, I have become a third-person talker. That's what happens when you become a parent. Daddy is smiling right now.

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